Useful Vocabulary in Online Craps

Each gambling game seems to have its own unique vocabulary. With special terms designating players in the game, actions that can be completed, and bets that can be placed, it can be overwhelming to players who are unfamiliar with the language. Online craps has a few special terms that players should know before they step up to the table.

Shooting Craps

The come out roll is one of the most important rolls of the dice in a game of online craps. This single roll can determine the next several minutes of the game or can result in instant wins or losses for the majority of the table. For most players, there are three possible rolls that they how can be avoided. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, the dealer will announce that the roll is craps, and almost everyone who made a bet immediately loses their money.

Seven Out

If the shooter manages to avoid craps and does not win immediately by rolling a seven or eleven, then a point number is established. The shooter has as many chances as he or she wants to try and roll the same number again. However, if the roll is any seven, the dealer will announce "seven out," and the bets are again lost. The only way to avoid losing money at this point is to have placed a bet on the sevens.

By knowing which terms designate a loss, players can stay aware of what is going on at the table, whether it's their turn to shoot and more. The more players practice with online craps, the more they will naturally become familiar with such unique and unusual terms and vocabulary.